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51 Alfred Henry May Barwick(Brooks) died at Colindale Hospital Hendon.
In attendance was his son Alfred Brooks of 35 Smith Terrace Chelsea.
Alfred Barwick was living at Montpelier Row Knightsbridge Kensington at the time of his death. 
Alfred Henry May Barwick
52 Alfred Robert Barwick was born at 32 West Street Deal. Alfred Robert Barwick
53 Charles Barwick was born at Queen St. Deal. Charles Edmond Barwick
54 Christian Henry Barwick passed away at 15 Ash Grove Ealing after a long battle with emphysema. Christian Henry Barwick
55 Christian Henry Barwick was born at 43 Jervis Road Fulham Christian Henry Barwick
56 J. Barwick (Christian's son) was the informant to his father's passing. Christian Henry Barwick
57 Christopher Cyril Barwick was born at 97 Felix Road Ealing Christopher Cyril Barwick
58 Serjeant Christopher Cyril Barwick(Pete) No.5383457 of the 2nd(Airborne)Bn.,Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry was killed on the South Road out of Escoville Normandy France. (Pete) was the Platoon Sergeant of 22 Platoon that came under direct attack from two German tanks and supporting infantry. (Pete) died as was reported whilst still firing his sten gun at the drivers slit of the lead tank before being hit by it a day after the D-Day landings of World War 2.
(Pete) was part of the Special Airborne force sent deep behind enemy lines to capture key bridges and was dropped in by glider. 
Christopher Cyril Barwick
59 Dorothy Lilian Barwick and her twin Kathleen were born at 70 Williams Road Ealing. Dorothy Lilian Barwick
60 Edward James Barwick was born at Queen Street Deal. Edward James Barwick
61 James Edward Barwick died in the presence of his wife Anna Maria at 2 Montague Cottages Nightingale Vale Woolwich. Edward James Barwick
62 Elsie Kathleen Barwick & her twin Dorothy were born at 70 Williams Road Ealing. Elsie Kathleen Barwick
63 Frances Barwick died at the home of her parent's - Richard & Susan at 37 Duke Street Deal. William Barwick,(Frances's brother), was in attendance when she passed away & was the Informant to her passing. Frances Mary Barwick
64 Frank Emmanuel Barwick was born at 26 Racton Rd. Fulham. Frank Emmanuel Barwick
65 George Alexander May Barwick was born at 7 Cambridge Road Hanwell. George Alexander May Barwick
66 Gertrude Annie Barwick was born at 28 Western Road Ealing. Gertrude Annie May Barwick
67 Harold Walter Barwick was born at 306 High St. Acton. Harold Walter Barwick
68 John Barwick was born at 23 Ash Grove Ealing. John Barwick
69 Leslie Thomas Barwick died on his 60th birthday his daughter - Sandra Dorothy Hopla is listed as the informant to his passing. Leslie Thomas Barwick
70 Mabel Barwick was born at 2 Bunhouse Place South West London. Mabel Dorothy Amy Barwick
71 Peter J Barwick died two days after the passing of his mother - Joan Goodchild. Peter John Barwick
72 Peter John Barwick died whilst preparing dinner at the family home at Great Western.
Victorian Coroners Case No.- 1020/89
Victorian Public Prosecution File - V8 
Peter John Barwick
73 Rebecca Jane Augusta May Barwick was born at 43 Jervis Road Fulham. Rebecca Jane Augusta May Barwick
74 Rebecca Jane Augusta May Marker(Barwick) died one day short of her 20th birthday at 63 Sandhill Street Ottery / Saint Mary. Rebecca Jane Augusta May Barwick
75 Richard Barwick died at the family home at 37 Duke Street Deal. Richard's son - Edward Barwick was in attendance & was the Informant to his father's passing. Richard Barwick
76 Sarah Barwick was born at Queens St. Deal. Sarah Major Barwick
77 Senneth Peter Barwick was born at 70 Williams Road Ealing. Senneth Peter Barwick
78 Susan Frances Barwick was born at 5 Jacksons Lane Woolwich Susan Frances Barwick
79 Susanna Barwick was born at Queen St. Deal Susanna Barwick
80 William Barwick was born at Queens Street Deal. William Barwick
81 William Robert Barwick enlisted for service in World War 2 with the British General Service Corps and was later transferred to the 7/9th Battalion, Royal Scots his serial number - 14433913.
With the Royal Scots he trained on the Grampian Mountains in Scotland for the planned liberation of Norway but ended up going into action in an amphibious role at both Flushing & Middleburg on the Dutch coast in November 1944. From there they fought their way North-Eastwards through Eindhoven and by mid December were near the small German town of Gillrath. On the 24th December 1944 Private William Barwick's C-Company came under attack and he was killed in action. William's body was taken back to be buried at Brunssum War Cemetery in the Netherlands.
At the time William was killed it was Christmas Eve 1944 and he was only five days off his 17th birthday. 
William Robert Barwick
82 William Robert Barwick was born at 23 Ash Grove Ealing. William Robert Barwick
83 Daisy Eliza Bastian died at 5 Ratcliffe Square Ratcliffe at the age of 3 of Croup with her Mother Eliza present. Daisy Eliza Bastian
84 Daisy Eliza Bastian was born at 5 Ratcliffe Square Ratcliffe. Her mother - Eliza signed her name with the mark of an X. Daisy Eliza Bastian
85 Grace Beatrice Bastian was born at 96 High St. Poplar. Her mother - Eliza signed her name with the mark of an X. Grace Beatrice Bastian
86 Maud Eliza Bastian was born at 9 Hedland Street Stepney. Her mother - Eliza signed her name with the mark of an X. Maud Eliza Bastian
87 May Bastian was born at 135 Skidmore Street Mile End Old Town Eastern. Her mother - Eliza signed her name with the mark of an X. May Bastian
88 Sidney Bertie Bastian was born at 37 Commodore Street Mile End Old Town. His mother - Eliza signed her name with the mark of an X. Sidney Bertie Bastian
89 Thomas Alfred Bastain was born at 135 Skidmore Street in Mile End Old Town Eastern. His mother - Eliza signed her name with the mark of an X.  Thomas Alfred Bastian
90 William Henry Bastian was born at 2 Arbour Square Mile End Old Town. William Henry Bastian
91 C. Bastian (Son of William Thomas), was present at the death of his father at 419 Barking road Plaistow. William Thomas Bastian died as a result of complications from multiple sclerosis. William Thomas Bastian
92 Anna Maria Barwick of the Mental Hospital Bexley Kent, Widow, Left in probate 1,164 pounds at the time of her passing. Ann Maria Bax
93 Catherine Christina Hodgetts(Britt) was buried at the South Cemetery Portland. The Rev. W. Cain conducted the funeral under Roman Catholic Rites. Catherine Christina Britt
94 Catherine Hodgetts(Britt) died at Heywood Road Portland from old age her daughter - Mary Maria of Gorae was the informant to her mother's passing. Catherine Christina Britt
95 Reverand W. James a Roman Catholic minister held the service for John Hodgetts Dent. John Hodgetts Dent
96 An inquest was held into the death of Olivia Jane at Mont Park on the 5th of October 1934 by the Coroner - Mr A.S. Hauser.  Olivia Jane Dent
97 The Reverend Fred Coupe of the Church of England held the service for Thomas Dent. Thomas Dent
98 Thomas Dent died at the Union Workhouse of Rockland All Saints at Wayland. The Workhouse Master - William Owen was the informant to the death of Thomas Dent. Thomas Dent
99 Little Muriel Mildred died of exhaustion after battling a mystery illness for 6 weeks. Muriel died at Julia Street Portland. Muriel Mildred Dent(Hosking)
100 Little Nancy Leatrice died after battling gastro-enteritis for six days at Mildura District Hospital. Nancy Leatrice Dent(Hosking)

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